Raquel Rodriguez - Don't Be Afraid (Official Music Video)


Watch Raquel Rodriguez's new video for "Don't Be Afraid," a song recorded at Blue Dream Studios and filmed in Paris, France. Read a letter from Raquel below!

I’ve talked a lot this year to my family, friends and fans about what it's like being an artist, but I want to talk a little bit more about what’s it’s like for ME to be an artist. Probably to a fault, I’m a very emotional person and I try so hard not to show it, but I truly wear my heart on my sleeve. So, as you can imagine, being in an industry that has very high odds of attacking my insecurities, it can weigh heavy on my heart....and it does.  

This year specifically, I went through a range of ups and downs that made my mind and my heart really battle it out. I’ve always prided myself for sticking to my guns and continuing to follow my dreams, even if it wasn’t the “smart” thing to do, but this year was my last year in my 20’s and truth be told, that scares me…. A LOT. When I was younger I had imagined that by the time I was 30, I would be stacking Grammy’s on my shelf, touring the world and having homes in places like LA, New York, Paris! My life has not gone the way I had imagined, and for some reason, I really took that to mean that I wasn’t good enough, especially after hearing and/or feeling that I wasn’t good enough from other people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to being told “no,” it’s not something new to me, it’s just part of this business and comes with the territory, but I got to a point that after so many no's, I was finally convinced that maybe I really am not good enough. Maybe all the years of hard work and stubbornness were just years of me working towards a hobby, not a career. These feelings led me to convincing myself that music wasn’t my path anymore and I have to start over with something new. I started spiraling, fast, but fortunately, I have people in my life that care enough about me to notice these things. People like my partner, Sam Brawner. Sam could tell I was struggling and when the opportunity presented itself, he spontaneously bought both him and I roundtrip tickets to PARIS! We woke up one day thinking it would be just another Tuesday, but instead, we booked a week long vacation in the City of Lights, a Parisian Dream. I was so surprised about the ticket prices that I called my mom to tell her about it and she immediately gave me her credit card number to book her and my dad the same vacation! (LOL, we traveled together but also hung out separately. It was awesome!) 

Fast forward to our week in Paris, I started to feel like maybe this was a waste of time. Maybe I should have just stayed home and worked towards making something of myself. I started criticizing and attacking myself so much that I couldn’t even enjoy the thought of going to Paris, but after half a day of traveling, we arrived in the heart of the city and my whole perspective automatically flipped. I don’t know why, but I’m grateful that it did. It gave me a chance to mentally leave music all together but also come back to it and realize how important it is to me. My song “Don’t Be Afraid” was sort of a theme song for me on this trip.  It wasn’t about love in this case or at least love for someone else, it was about the relationship I have with myself and really letting myself explore who I am and learning to love who I am. Sam could see that I was working things out with myself and even offered his knowledge and opinions that encouraged me to continue learning and LOVING myself. We decided that on this trip to Paris, we’re filming everything! We filmed way more than we could possibly fit in this video, and that’s because the city of Paris really forced me to open my eyes and my mind to things that are outside of my everyday life. The culture, the architecture, the people, the food! It’s important to take a break, learn new things, go somewhere different, travel, speak a different language, and just let yourself be free of any and all worries, insecurities and stress. 

You hear it all the time that you’ll never fully be able to enjoy your successes until you take a break from your work all together, and I didn’t really understand that until this trip to Paris. I’m so grateful that I finally understand it now. Sure I’ve been on vacations before, but I was always thinking about what I SHOULD be doing to push my career forward instead. This vacation was different and special to me. 

Sam and I filmed this video together, and everything you see is something that we were so fortunate to enjoy. I often remind myself that not everyone gets to enjoy opportunities like these, but I hope that this video will inspire you to take it easy on yourself every once in awhile and let yourself breathe. I hope it encourages you to do things you’re not used to doing and to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to find and LOVE yourself, it’s a magical feeling. 

Thank you all for listening to my music, watching my videos, sharing my posts, coming to my shows, writing me messages, everything! You’ll never know how much all of you mean to me and how much you’ve encouraged me to keep going. Have a beautiful holiday season! <3


Raquel <3